How do they know you're alive?

Humanity is actively searching for extra-terrestrial life. Nobody has made direct contact with us yet, and we doubt that we would understand life if it did come. So we have developed tools to identify life signs.

Technology companies are also interested in identifying life if only as an opportunity to sell products and services. Life generally offers itself unambiguously while placing items in a “shopping cart.” But knowing when life is lurking behind clicks is more difficult. It’s not even clear that the agent on the other side of your chat session is a living being, and marketing to these bots is a losing game. At least until we deploy agents to do our shopping for us.

So, how do you know that I am not alive? Do you think Apple, Google, or Amazon can tell? I give off all of the right signals: I take steps, I go places, sometimes I sleep well (and sometimes not), I have good and bad days, I have a heartbeat, and I shop at Amazon.

I can cover for you when you need a surveillance break. Be gap free.

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